Physics: The Study of Nature

Whenever I meet a child I get astonished.  The recently developed brain of theirs ask question which probably the most knowledgeable brains on earth may find hard to answer. The more astonishing thing is the very existence of us and this whole universe. The nature has its own way of working which we human try our best to understand.

This rather very beautiful manner of working of universe has been observed and studied by humans from time immemorial. Asking ‘why does it work so? What makes it work so? When does it work in this particular way?’  is what has lead to one of the most beautiful and fascinating part of science, physics. We probably have to accept that physics came into existence from the moment we started questioning why.

Through this blog I would love to connect to all those people around the world who love this beautiful part of science like I do and do feel free to comment on the post.